With the breadth of knowledge and experience within our core group of consultants and advisors any listing of potential services and solutions would be necessarily restrictive and incomplete.  However, with that in mind let us list some of the more common requests we receive from clients.   These services may be offered through one or more of the individual companies which are established worldwide to serve a specific function including having the necessary licenses to provide those services.

Asset Management

A solid plan for asset preservation is often different for each individual.  Some of the basics may be relatively commonplace for many but each individual is unique and so is their life and situation.  We take this into consideration and will consult individually to tailor the best plan possible for the client and his needs.

Trading Platforms & Signal services

With accounts of $100,000 and up we can set you up with a unique and highly efficient trading platform in combination with a team of expert market analysts who provide you with recommended trade signals to identify the best trading opportunities. You control your own account/money. You execute your own trades. You manage your own profitability. Funds remain liquid at all times. This is for non-U.S. persons and funds.

Business Management Training

Our free ‘Strategy 2020’ training program is geared to take novices with no training or experience and guide them to a level of high financial sophistication which allows them to make money in their sleep and ultimately achieve economic independence from passive income in 12 months or less.

Automated Trading Systems

One of several automated systems which we use is a BitCoin arbitrage system which generates regular daily profits 24/7/365 with the aid of an A.I. bot. It’s important to understand that ‘arbitrage’ is not ‘trading’ in the traditional sense. Arbitrage uses supercomputing to identify price differentials between brokers which may be very small and then executes a buy/sell between the brokerages with a profit in the spread on each transaction. The A.I. bot is tireless and scans the market continually to scalp the profits which appear.


Talk to us about converting depreciating fiat currencies into appreciating cryptocurrencies and holding those safely for you. Alternative assets are critical in a diversified portfolio strategy. Through our MMG Financial Services operation we can provide a portfolio of services related to wallets, ICOs and new blockchain technologies as being a part of your overall strategy.

High Tech Privacy Tools

In the age of surveillance we need every advantage we can get to maintain our privacy. Be sure to ask about the latest advanced technology related to the new decentralized ‘Voice-Over-Blockchain’ satellite cell phone and computer systems. You’ve never seen privacy like this before! Stop exposing yourself and take control of your data and your life!

Gold Accounts

As fiat currencies are depreciating in value on a daily basis and their issuers are sinking under an unmanageable debt load, gold has been seeing a significant increase in demand as it holds its value against the sinking fiat currencies. MMG has a unique arrangement to allow you to do your banking in gold. Preserve your value in gold holdings and access it anytime you like via fiat currency bank wire or debit card.

Investment Club

Our trust clients are able to apply smaller amounts above $10,000 USD with our investment club trust and immediately be involved in a smart diversified portfolio of alternative assets designed to thrive in the days of calm or chaos which lie ahead, whatever comes our way.

Private Trust Services

One member of the MMG family is a regulated capital management and trust company. It is domiciled in Sweden with a branch in Switzerland. It is regulated according to commonly accepted European standards for AML and related financial controls. It is a member of SWIFT and is in place to properly handle the private trust and capital management needs of our clients. Without privacy you have no security! Privacy and Security are the primary benefits of using our trust services.

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If you have specific requirements not listed above, please contact us to discuss it further.